Family Fusion

Every parent wants honest, respectful, hardworking kids, but the reality is that without consistent teaching these values will likely not be developed in our children on their own. We have identified five important themes found throughout the Bible that form a core plan for empowering parents to train their children in Biblical values.

Lessons for Biblical Values

Gospel: Lessons about how only Jesus has the power to forgive our sins and change our lives
Attitudes: Lessons about how the Gospel changes the heart attitudes of those who believe.
Character: Lessons about how the Gospel changes the character of those who believe.
Service: Lessons about how the Gospel changes believers into people who are service minded.
Priorities: Lessons about how the Gospel changes the priorities of those who believe.

How Does Family Fusion Work?

Family Fusion meets weekly on Sunday evening from 6-7:15pm. This shared learning environment for children (4 yrs - 5th grade) and parents creates the best opportunity for parents to reinforce these principles in their home throughout the week. Families are encouraged to review one lesson each week in their home then join together for a time of family friendly worship, rehearsing the Gospel, reviewing the lessons learned at home, and family friendly activity time.

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